Access Report on the Event of Result Publication (July 19, 2018 at 1:30 PM):

Result Served:

[HSC-2018] Result Served total, on 19 July 2018:
At 13:00-13:59: 1176600
At 14:00-14:59: 1303583
At 15:00-15:59: 571760
At 16:00-16:59: 308168
At 17:00-17:59: 204111
All day (13:00-23:59): 4321852

[HSC-2018] PDF Result Download total, on 19 July 2018:
At 13:00-13:59: 61230
At 14:00-14:59: 64272
At 15:00-15:59: 27939
At 16:00-16:59: 15469
At 17:00-17:59: 9473
All day (13:00-23:59): 213212

About the CAPTCHA (Security Key) used:
Example: Captcha
CAPTCHA Engine is completely written in ANSI C in Linux Environment. It is very lightweight and it has its own Event-based HTTP Server (Hand Coded C from Scratch) which can handle around 500000 (Five Lac) requests per Second (Static Response, tested from Same Local Machine). This helped us handle the load properly this time. Captcha Engine itself can serve over 150000 (One Lac Fifty Thousand) Random Captcha per Second from pre-generated Images (used dictionary of words). Due to Limitation of PHP to send request to Captcha Engine to Fetch Captcha our Benchmark showed that we could serve over 17000 (Seventeen thousand) Captcha per Second (tested from Same Local Machine as of the Service).
We are always working on making best use of Hardware and Software Technologies to serve people better.

Server 1: Serves Static HTML/CSS/Javascript, CAPTCHA (Security Key), Result of various types, Result Analytics and all dynamic Information

server-1.png [420 Mbps peak]

Server 2: Serves Static HTML/CSS/Javascript

server-2.png [56 Mbps peak]

B/W Monitor: Bandwidth Monitor showing Transfer (TX)

bandwidth-monitor.png [S1+S2=approx. 58 MiB/s at 1:47 PM]

Some of Attack(s)

1. Brute-force Attack on Server finding valid directory structure (sent max. 3090 requests in one second)

2. Bulk Data Download Attempt (we had to re-enable Security Key after this):

Bulk Data Download
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