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Brief explanation on how we served results smoothly for SSC/Equivalent Exam-2022 (28 Nov, 2022):

NB: The following report contains technical terms.

* We engineered the system such way that now we could serve the huge requests.
  Our single app served almost 13 million requests in one hour, among those 3.7
  million are result requests which might involve DB (single MySQL server)
  lookup if not otherwise found in cache (in memory).
* We use a *Single Server* (bare-metal, shared, i.e., runs other services on it)
  {single 6 core CPU socket, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD Storage}, and on it a single
  instance of app carefully written in *PHP* (yes! PHP with async I/O and
  coroutines), and a single DB (MariaDB) service running on the same server.
  We do this to keep the footprint of the service small and that it is easier to
  manage and we can focus on real-performance by efficiently using resources.
* We *tuned* the Operating System's (Gentoo Linux) internal parameters to efficiently
  use system resources. We removed slow inter-service-communications between
  services and efficiently reused resources wherever possible (by caching,
  pooling, recycling, reusing, etc.).
* We thank *Ethical Hackers* around the world (anonymous to us) for testing our
  system (by brute-force attacks, malicious attacks, etc.).
* We regularly improve our system with cutting-edge technologies so that we can
  deliver the best possible service to the general people.
* This result publication service is purely a voluntary initiative, sponsored
  by Nixtec Systems. We thank the Education Boards of Bangladesh for supporting us.
* We provide consulting services on how to scale-up services and fight with
  Cyber security threats. If interested, please drop an email to
  [ *** info at nixtecsys .com *** ] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
* If you're curious to solve some big problem and want to share with us,
  please just drop an email to [ info at nixtecsys .com ].
* App URL:

Result Served:

App served total requests on: 28/Nov/2022, time 12:00:00-12:59:59: 12805673
        - Total served (Type: Result): 3685558
        - Total served (Type: CAPTCHA): 5308012
        - Total served (Type: PDF Download): 233002
App served total requests on: 28/Nov/2022, time 13:00:00-13:59:59: 4781689
        - Total served (Type: Result): 1315197
        - Total served (Type: CAPTCHA): 1952481
        - Total served (Type: PDF Download): 76033
App served total requests on: 28/Nov/2022, time 14:00:00-14:59:59: 2291224
        - Total served (Type: Result): 616761
        - Total served (Type: CAPTCHA): 919125
        - Total served (Type: PDF Download): 36558
App served total requests on: 28/Nov/2022, time 15:00:00-15:59:59: 1359640
        - Total served (Type: Result): 364057
        - Total served (Type: CAPTCHA): 540074
        - Total served (Type: PDF Download): 21431
App served total requests on: 28/Nov/2022, time 16:00:00-16:59:59: 929913
        - Total served (Type: Result): 246539
        - Total served (Type: CAPTCHA): 365494
        - Total served (Type: PDF Download): 13531
App served total requests on: 28/Nov/2022, time 17:00:00-17:59:59: 813516
        - Total served (Type: Result): 212820
        - Total served (Type: CAPTCHA): 316553
        - Total served (Type: PDF Download): 11706

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