Notice regarding Ads

Notice regarding Ads

Regarding display of ads in the Education Borad result publication Website ( #

Respected client/user,

Greetings from “Nixtec Systems”. You might already know that we publish results and analytics of various public exams of Education Boards in Bangladesh through our website ( Since 2016 we have been maintaining this service all the year along with the result publication from our own funds. To run this service we have a dedicated team of technical experts. Any issues related to software and service are resolved at the earliest. Above all, we want to continue this service for Boards and general public in future.

For this service we keep following services running from our own funds:

  • A high performance server along with high bandwidth
  • A backup server
  • A specialized software designed for handling very high number of concurrent users
  • Other supporting software (Web Service, Detabase Service, etc.) and technology

We believe, millions of users are getting benefited using this service. We want to continue providing this service smoothly in future with your support.

Global economic depression and high price inflation for last few years increased pressure on our funds as well. We earnestly seek for your support to fight with this pressure.

Considering above cirmstances you might see moderate amount of relevant ads in this website. We hope that you will support us continue this service smoothly by letting the ads ON.

Thank you for your support.


Nixtec Systems Team